Lefty Out There (Franco Campanella) began his career working primarily within the street art community developing his now globally recognized style. Expanding from his humble beginnings, Lefty has become an influential force within modern street art culture as well new fine art circles that have risen in the past decade. His lines which once existed in the margins now encompasses large scale installations, numerous national campaigns and the forefront of virtual creativity. Beyond his native city of Chicago, Lefty’s marks have reached cities all over the US, Europe, and Asia with the ultimate intention to cover everything.

Once you discover Lefty’s line work, you realize there are no inherent secrets in his mark making. It doesn’t take more than the mind’s eye to interpret squiggles or to search for what lies beneath the seemingly endless spaces in between. One must simply allow the lines to guide them into new creative mindsets. They entice and inspire while remaining stark and enigmatic. Like a lucid daydream laced with familiar qualities, the works exist to enter the microcosm in the folds of our brain -- a treasure chest waiting to be opened.